(better sways)

My brain is a heartstring, tugged and strewn all over me.

I am a fool. a drunk and drugged out sentimental jackass so fucking in love with the one woman who couldn't be here tonight it borders on the fucking absurd.

I know. i know. i spoke about the work. about the book to be and the middling dream i was wrestling with disecting into a full-blown freakout epic...

But fuck it.

I'm in love. in love. in love.

And words will come and nights will pass. and i'll verge from my well-versed mania into the throes of unspeakable depression but that will do nothing to alter the fact. that won't hinder or slander or skew for a second that i have found a partner in crime that so completes me, she's stolen away all my notions of hope and beauty so all i can do sometimes is lay my head back and admire her.

Which i do.

I do.


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