(colt homage)

My brain is the man that once let death inside your home.

(pass night lives)

My brain is the old shakedown with chipped copper teeth and imagining a new way for us to find a voice to speak years longer than we ever should have been around to smile out a missed stance and offering.


(gasp coda)

My brain is a furrowed farewell to this coward's age.

(stet defense)

My brain is the beast that bore its back before the straw fell.


(they said viva after all)

My brain is the fisted fucking light that lets the world know (in a simple gesture, swift and timed) that we were better off screaming bloody murder at the thinly painted walls than suffering another ounce of comfortable silence for the goddamned rights of passing life.


(callow stiffs)

My brain is the shadow mining images of her from foreign lights.


(pheonix pray)

My brain is the fight that killed our hero ten years too late and by our time.

(steel unison)

My brain is the parasite hum calling home as we name this next step of the world our own.


(wrested pleas)

My brain is the shelter of her guilty sleep.

(pack categories)

My brain is the last of our young lives.


(turn a tack)

My brain is the pond that made us these animals.

(oh, filet)

My brain is a cracked second chance at remembering the slight passage from nothing much at all.


(shipping mews)

My brain is a pin that tore a hole in the fold to bleed in this slow century's dreaming.


(stark collide)

My brain is a goddamn anthem in the dusk.


(our count of filaments)

My brain is the rite of everyday shyness masquerading in a perfect world.


(welt splendor)

My brain is the sky when it was young and wide.


(formless midnight)

My brain is the long sprawl that beckons us home (the smell of the city at her feet).


(scratch in imperfection)

My brain is the crack in the architect's penance (stealing beauty from the shape of man).

(elan in all)

My brain is the smile of these island shores.


(page marks)

My brain is the uncertain comfort of silence that weighs us in against the night.