(right nicked)

My brain is a long man hanging from the devil's tree wondering just how it is that new jersey ever became a good enough place to die as any in this union.

Except my only mistake this evening was consuming too much chick pea and too little sleep after another weekend doing my absolute damndest to live my life like i fucking mean it (which i do, even if neurosis demands me home those times my mother takes one her turns and finds herself plugged into a myriad of clicking machines trying to keep her functioning another year).

Or am i being too kind to myself?


I'm just racking up that overtime for that big pie-fight in the sky.


Blogger haiku_girl said...

Do you think you can buy rock and roll? My firend bought some boots and said she loved that she could go out and purchase a little rock and roll. I was like, HMMM, either you have it or you don't. Although, the boots were pretty fucking cool.

11:03 PM  

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